For Agents: Helping Your Real Estate Buyers Reach a Decision

Choosing the right house is a difficult decision for real estate buyers. There are so many different factors that go into the decision; real estate buyers can easily become inundated with the prioritizing and ranking the criteria of a particular piece of property. As the real estate agent, you can help your buyers reach a decision about the home they would like to purchase.

First and foremost, you should respect the real estate buyer's price range specifications. Many times, real estate agents think they can convince buyers to go outside of their range by showing them a house that they believe is impressive. Don't waste the buyer's time this way. It will only make the decision making more difficult.

Take the time to preview the houses before showing them to your buyers. This will make it easier for you to sell the house to the real estate buyer.

Have your real estate buyer give you a list of criteria that he or she is looking for in a home. Stick to this list when you are selecting the houses that you will show to the buyer. Don't make assumptions about what the buyer wants; this will only add complexity to the decision making process.

Avoid showing the real estate buyer too many houses in one day. When real estate buyers see too many houses in one day, they can easily become overwhelmed with what they are shown. Have your buyers take notes or photos on each house to make it easier to remember.

Never let real estate buyers have more than three houses in their folder at a time. These properties should be their top three choices at any given moment. By weeding out houses as you go along, your client isn't stuck trying to choose between twenty different houses at one time.

There are positive and negative aspects of every home. Make sure your buyers understand that purchasing a home is a compromise. In your clients notes about each home, have them list the pros and cons of the home. There may be some things the client can live with and some things he can live without.

If you noticed some major negatives about the house when you previewed it, tell your client about these before showing him the home. This gives you a chance to defuse the situation.

Avoid information overload. Giving your client too much information at one time can cause them to feel overwhelmed. Instead, you should give out information at various times throughout the visit to the home as you see how it fits into the situation.

Unless you notice your real estate buyers rushing, you shouldn't. Allow them the time they need to explore a home. Buyers need to have the freedom to shop for as long as they want to. This allows them to make a better decision about the home.

Remember that you do not have to respond to every objection the buyer makes about a particular home. Many times buyers are just expressing minor concerns that won't inhibit the sale in the end. Instead, you might answer objections with a question that allows them to find the answer to the issue on their own.

If it is obvious that a client is uninterested in a house, don't continue to try to sell them the home. Instead, cut the inspection short and move on to the next showing on your list.

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