For Agents: Real Estate Agent Tips for an Open House

The open house is your chance to show buyers everything the home has to offer. Prior to the open house there are some things you should have in place to create an atmosphere that allows the buyer to picture himself living in the home.

Make sure the sellers have cleaned the house before you even consider having an open house. A thorough cleaning, similar to what would be done for spring cleaning, should be completed prior to the date of the open house. Have the sellers remove all clutter that will make the home feel small and uncozy to prospective buyers. If necessary, hire a professional company to stage the home to make it more appealing.

During the open house, you want to play on all five of the buyer's senses. One sense that many real estate agents forget about is the sense of smell. Vanilla fragrance is one scent that is enjoyed by most everyone, especially women, who are the primarily the decision makers in purchasing a home. Burn a scented candle or bake cookies so the scent can drift through the house.

Playing soothing music during the open house makes the home feel relaxing. It will give prospective buyers the feeling that they will be able to relax in the home should they purchase it.

Allow as much natural light as possible to come inside the house. Open the blinds and curtains to allow the outside light to shine through. Make sure to turn on lights inside the house as this adds to the lighting of the home. A well-lit house creates the atmosphere of a happy home.

Place something warm and fuzzy on the counter or coffee table for buyers to play with. When your touch-oriented clients play with these “toys”, they will associate pleasant feelings with the home. These feelings will last well after the open house has ended.

While you are showing the home to prospective buyers you should make them feel as comfortable as possible. Be hospitable to make them feel welcome. Offer food, drinks, and a place to sit. By offering a place to sit, you are allowing the buyers to experience the possibility of comfort and relaxation in the home.

Limit the amount you talk. Ask a few questions and give the buyers a chance to ask questions of their own, but give the buyers time to really consider the home and how it fits in his life. The more you talk, the less time the buyer has to think about the home.

The temperature inside the home should be set a level that is comfortable both to you and the buyers. Since you are going to be selling the home, you need to be physically comfortable. Of course the buyers need to be comfortable so they spend time thinking about the home and not about getting to a better temperature.

Proper planning for an open house creates a greater chance that buyers will purchase the home. Create the right atmosphere and the home will seemingly sell itself.

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